From an embryonic chamber that resonates positive energy and the power of music, comes 1st Base Runner. With lines that blur with each experimentation, he constantly challenges himself. Tim Hussman is the mastermind behind this project, an ambitious and ever-growing musical experience. This is Night Stalker.

From the electronic influences of Radiohead and the eerie melody mechanics of The Cure, 1st Base Runner lies somewhere in between. It is in this ethereal limbo that he finds his inspiration, creating this digital paradise. It might even sound like Nine Inch Nails at times, owing to the industrial power on the delivery of the notes and emotions. Likewise, it is a song that makes you think, after the intro pocket, it is consecutively an instrumental barrage. The chromatic climb is something to be noted, as the strong layered lead. The flow is understood as an element of continuity within this lead, constantly growing and phasing into different versions of sounds.

His EP Night Stalker is out now, with some tantalizing music. Each of the tracks reaches out to be something more, develop from a deep sleep to a fully blown, cathartic event. His other EP from this year, Light Roars is a textural sound experience of another realm, which you should definitely check out. He’s going to keep producing new, more charismatic music down the line. Listen to Night Stalkers here: