59 Perlen is an electronic composer and ambient music artist with a great sense for sonic theatrica. He is known for his memorable and performative soundscapes that involve ambient flows in dance sensibilities and ethereal electronica. In his latest release, ‘The Worst Thing to Live Without’, 59 Perlen fathom a melancholic sphere that is colored with profound sonic weaves. It perhaps imagines a world, vacuous and devoid of sentiment or emotion that makes us human.

iTunes Artwork for 'The Worst Thing to Live Without - Single (by 59 Perlen)'

The song creates a plush and resonant sound sphere. With house beats driving the rhythm, the forefront is colored by transcending synth echoes. Infused with both sentimental and cerebral spells, there’s so much dimension and depth that spills out of it. The abstractness of it all keeps us plugged in, leading us to look inward and find the thing, the absence of which will emulate the voiding quotients of the track. And in doing that, perhaps you’ll find a path forged by an intrinsic and essential force. Listen Now!

59 Perlen debuted in 2019 and has released over ten tracks and two albums in the span of four years. Explore the fantastic edges of his sound.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘The Worst Thing to Live Without’ by 59 Perlen here –