Adik Angel is a music composer from Bulgaria who experiments with various genres like Pop, Electro, Dance and Hip-hop all with a Balkan touch. She is currently based in Switzerland and takes joy in handcrafting all the stages of music production single-handedly.  She has been releasing music since 2010 and has built up an elaborate discography over the last decade with “Up So High” being the last track from her 2019 album “On the Move”.

The track has two main sonic palettes it plays with and switches back and forth between. The first one that “Up So High” starts off with has synth as its foundation. The ambience that Adik Angel creates here is extraterrestrial and otherworldly. It has the sonic spirit of aliens, stars and other galaxies. The percussion here is heavy yet mellowed out, as if coming from under water.

The second one keeps the light percussion as its focal point, combining it with ambience that reminds one of the evening skies. The juxtaposition between the soothing effect that this creates and the intergalactic synth makes the track what it is. The vocals are chopped in an erratic manner with the pacing feeling intentionally unpredictable. The autotune adds to the synthetic elements on the track and I thought that the production on the track was overall adventurous.

Adik Angel takes an unconventional approach to music production and I appreciate her experimental spirit. The track closes out an album which provides more context and meaning to it. You can listen to “Up So High” by Adik Angel here: