If you thought Aivin was just a poet with a profound flow, you’re scratching the surface alone. With mesmerizing, powerful punches in his catalogue and his style always developing and evolving, you’ll be shocked to find any song which resembles another. His connect with the beat, the melody and the machine are on par with the best. This is his latest single, ARE U THERE WITH ME.

The opening synth melody which he drives through itself is a sign. An ominous one, for just the trap catch would be enough for the whole song. Yet, he makes sure the production, ambience and style is heard with some incredible mixing. As his vocals and lyrics near you, it is like being in a 4D movie. By the time his bass beats hit, you’ll be totally indulged and invested in the track. The bending instrumental dominates the background, and the powerful opening is what your mind gets stuck on. Only at 2:04, Aivin has made sure he makes a memorable track with some strong lyricism and swinging effects.  It is a reminder of songs like soullife, creating a memorable intro and an explosive verse and chorus-almost like a movie. 

His 2021 EP, alien power tools has a storm of creative cloudbursts that make his music an intuitive yet calculated process. There is no knowing where and what he gets inspired by. He, however, speaks through his music. You can follow him and also listen to his latest album, a collection of code called AI (Artificial Intelligence). Meanwhile, listen to his glamorous attack on this latest single: