Allgood brings the illusion and elusive magic of artful composition in his tracks. This is his latest track with Kanimayo, called Freedom. Already on fire in indie charts all across the globe, this track is an observant creation by someone who has mastered the quality behind lo-fi and hip-hop auras.

Freedom has a phased out beat and addictive rhythm section. Only a little over 2 minutes long, the arrangement makes it seem timeless. There is a lightness, a hop to the track that is difficult to obtain. This is from natural inclination, the leads float over this ocean like a magic carpet. It is mesmerizing to listen to, and is just one of those tracks you can loop forever. The base and workings seem so effortless;y put together, it would seem that anyone could make it. However, this is from deliberation and focus-creating a song for deliberation and focus. Absolutely captivating.

With Adventure Awaits in 2021, Allgood has made a name for the brand of music that he constructs. The repetition just draws you in more and more into the track. It is a quicksand of melodies and notes-and you’re glad that’s where you’ll be lost. The quality of execution is unparalleled, the production is an international level of sound output. There is a wizardry Allgood has, and you’ll be lost in it: