Amsterdam Riots is an electronic music banner that dispels a supreme thematic atmosphere. In the debut release, The Confusion, the artist uses a surmounting design, foundationally conceptualizing the theme and progressively layering it with transforming perspectives. The symmetrical shifts of sonic patterns diverge to form kaleidoscopic perspectives that enrich the mind. It’s all about energy. And that is not lost on the artist. Maintaining a tight line of techno at the core, an allowance is made for exploration of the infinite abyss of the theme.

Splitting and reforming bass lines pound hard, raving to the piercing 4/4 beat cycle. The rhythm is severe and intense in ways that amplify sensory affectations. With diverse textures streaking through the mushrooming groove landscape, dimensions blossom into fruition. The hyperactive atmosphere articulates a high state of disarray and disorientation. Muted vocals call out like sirens from the otherside of the veil, regulating the chaos at the forefront.

Four versions of the track are released simultaneously. With the Radio Edit is paired alongside the bass intensive Matthias Geist Remix, the punching Sebastian Ramos Remix and the softer Dennis Schauw Remix.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to “This Confusion” Radio Edit by Amsterdam Riots here –