Electro-pop outfit, ANATÉ is back with an electric new single, I Want You. Made up of singer-songwriter Ana and producer, Andrea, the duo makes an instant impact with splashy synths and vibrant vocals. Their musical style is defined by a downtempo influence, accentuated by a variety of other genres! Listeners of Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Sade, and Amy Lee will enjoy the company of this eclectic pop duo!

With light-hearted vocals and playful synths, the song becomes a mellow state of mind. Its disco beats and gleaming violent and pink synths are thoroughly enjoyable. You can’t help but groove with the mercurial discs of zealous energy. The vocals loop deliciously through the fun hooks with addictive leitmotifs. Scintillating patterns of synth melodies spread across the soundscape like fireworks – rapturous and romantic like the song’s theme.

A fateful day in Bruxelles in early 2019 brought Berlin-based Ana to Milan-based Andrea. And thank God it did! It is truly incredible to watch the duo’s musical vision coalesce to form such beaming pieces of music! Within 12 months of their collaboration, the duo wrote 20 songs, most of them done remotely – 10 of which made it into their debut album, Confessions!

Available on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music!

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