London-based EDM artist and producer, Antony Alexander collates his life experiences with bursting freshness. Chronicling moments of emotion and living, his work is marked by musical dispersion that is characteristic of the synth revolution. Antony adapts his compositions to expound on fleeting feelings, immortalizing them in explosive capsules of dance music. In his latest release, I Ain’t Coming Back, Antony Alexander draws from the complexity of relationships, weaving it into effervescent nostalgia, romance, and heartache. 

The track is a layered masterpiece. All its elements play a vital role in piecing the story together; be it the minimalist lyrics and blossoming vocals or the ruminative basslines and hard hitting beats. They coalesce like serendipitous threads of destiny to form the perfect song. And of course, listening to the song is like getting bit by the dance bug; the last piece of the puzzle. Through dance, we attain the infinity of emotions. 

There cannot be art without revelation. Known for his autobiographical musical disposition, Antony’s discography is littered with his interpretations of the world. And capitalizing on these personal expeditions, his work is flavored with metaphysical sensibilities. His passion to create and his will to unveil perspectives shine through his work. The artist debuted in 2018 with his single, Rain and has since released twenty six tracks in four years. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to I Ain’t Coming Back by Antony Alexander here –