The Formless Track album by Arman Ray and Hyon Gak comes in the form of enlightening koans that compel important spiritual ruminations and philosophical advent. Consisting of twelve tracks, this spoken-word electronic album invokes your ethereal sensibilities with its transcendental wisdom. In the track, Mind Habits, Arman Ray & Hyon Gak unpacks the nature of karma, its push and pull, and cause and effect. 

Layers of streaming sonics race flow through the racing beats with a fatalistic intention. Forming elegant patterns around the verbal outfits, the song is a riveting and engaging exhibition. And the simple lyricism is easy to follow, as it breakdowns the fundamental truths of being. It’s punctuated with the force of dictums that serve as pathways to break unproductive patterns and unhealthy lifestyles. 

The album is a collaborative effort to introduce the philosophy and practice of Zen Buddhism to a wider audience. UK artist, renowned producer, and modern Zen exponent, Chris Taylor, a.k.a Arman Ray uses spatial and cosmic dance sequences as the vehicle of Zen Buddhism. As a long-time Zen Buddhist, a serendipitous YouTube video by Hyon Gak Sunim (What is Zen) inspired the creation of the album. 

Available on YouTube Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and JioSaavn! 

You can listen to Mind Habits by Arman Ray & Hyon Gak Sunim here-