Astralix is the combination of pop that we need and deserve. There is some music that stays with you like a moment of nostalgia that will never go away. It is a probable element of hair raising melodies and classy tunes that will make this music last in your memories forever. This latest single is called Lost and Found. 

If experienced with some cognizance, the period of limbo in someone’s life is the most teachable. The best parts of it come with tracing your root to the purpose. Astralix makes music that is thematic to this very essence. Lost and Found has the swelling echo of an instrumental build over such beautiful patterns. The percussion remains with the song, treating it to something that will still push the style to be better and better. Their previous single, The Rhythm Fills My Soul is an aspect of electronic pop that drives meaning and a unique style. It is a long-gone effect that will be memorable to anyone who is a fan of this style. Astralix is just getting started, this kind of music will be the soundtrack to your fondest memories. 

I would love to loop this song for some road trips, even dance parties as well. The origin of the song and lyrics are so relatable, anyone would want to listen to it repeatedly. Listen to their latest song here and follow them for more!: