EDM is a tricky genre. To evoke an emotion in a few minutes with just vibrations and beats is challenging. That’s why when it’s done well, it stays with you. I Miss You by B. Moyano is one such track. The artist is a master compositeur, with an elegant understanding of sound and its potential for great emotion.

The track is taken from his 2020 album, Father, containing ten tracks, all of which explore beautiful themes. His love for using and reconciling diverse textures and sound pallets becomes apparent. With seamless fusions and transitions, the artist is able to surprise you with his simplicity.

Intense basslines and a strong beat structure open the song. Delicate lines of illuminating synths swim with the basslines, leading us to an enchanting pond of acoustic piano melodies. The affluent lines of synths dissipate from the piano canvass like thousand drops of silver light. It is thoroughly mystifying to feel their liberation spread through us. And slowly, as we’re drifting into the eternal magic of the canvas, the artist raises the energy with vivacious beats that you can’t help vibing to.

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