Appreciating B. Snair and Vincent Tesoro will come quite naturally. Their strong music searches for meaning, for them and for us. With his single Manifested Dreams, Snair showed us how exciting and enjoyable his music can be, and how cathartic. Vincent Tesoro has been reborn, and you can hear a change of perspective in this single, Endless Mirage. 

Split into two parts, this double A side is a revelation, through chapters. Energetic, yet soulful and engineered by thought, what we have listened to here is nothing less than inspiring. It is an alt-rock dynamite track that combines electronic in a healthy proportion. It sounds like the strength of purpose, and vitality. Mirage creates the melodic re-reprise, creating an emotional and outgoing song. The vocals and lyrics reflect a person and artist who has understood the value of people, and the actions they pose. This is relatable to many, who have company who would rather stab you in the back. The result is an exciting couple of songs that exemplify change, growth and an exciting energy and purpose to life. 

B. Snair and Vincent Tesoro are a duo made for collaboration. The multi-instrumental storm that B. Snair creates the backdrop for Tesoro’s lyrics and vocals, as well as the message they want to put across through their art. It is an inspiring saga, something that people will know for years. Listen to their double A side and enjoy the thematic journey from the eclectic composers.