Beltz is a singer-songwriter, producer, and artist who makes songs with effortless suave and charisma that invariably works in his favor. His brand of relaxed pop arrangements provides an escape from the drudgery of the world. In his song, Dreams, (taken from his new album The Trials) Beltz crafts a magnificent lifestyle decorated with splendid melodies and impactful rhythm.

With hip-hop beats, mellow synths, and electro-sonics, the track has a chillwave, laid-back vibe to it. The heavy basslines transform the contemporary pop elements and give them a rougher edge. But as they come in contact with the smooth flow of the vocals, it all takes on the softness of good dreams. The world is instantly tinted pink by the luxurious lyricism and simmering tone.

It’s so enjoyable. The instant charm melts into you along with its bubbling dreams and rich imageries. With every line, the artist uncovers a new heaven and extravagant happiness. Despite its lavish outfit, the track is refreshingly minimalistic. The artist skillfully maximizes the production value of wispy synths, chill beats, and straightforward vocals with lofty basslines, a catchy rhythm, and a magnetic style.

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