BETAGEIST is the ghost project of Kevin Heber, audio software engineer and product of the University of Miami’s Music Engineering program. The artist describes his sound as, “electronic post-rock loaded with ambient, prog, cinematic and psychedelic elements to fill the gap between synth-based and guitar-based instrumentals.” His thoughtfully crafted soundscapes carry high emotional sensibilities, the ethereal melodies dripping with rich imagery. In his track, Together, Betageist builds an enchanting world with melodies swirling with unity and supernatural synchrony. 

Betageist approaches concepts with a sense of boundlessness. And in being boundless, it becomes universal. A thin stream of electric guitar flows through the soundscape, passing through ponderous fields of wispy synths, glum bass lines, and whispering harmonies. The hypnotic marvel of their union lures us into a lysergic headspace. It pushes the edges of the mind until it devolves into a landscape of perspectives and disperses with magical imagery. 

Betagist’s sound is sonically rewarding. His disembodied canvases blend into the abstract. Usually gravitating towards celestial and cosmic themes, his work invariably leaves us grappling with the infinity and the infinitesimal. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Together by Betageist here –