BŠĀR has a penchant for fascinating musical arrangements that manifest magical sensations in the listener. The artist, music producer, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist blows through paradisiacal soundscapes with mesmerizing melodies, soothing vocals, and dance beats. This solo project is led by the creative pursuits of classically trained composer and performer Ben Royston. In his new single, BŠĀR explores the appeal of the last month of the year, December. 

As he unpacks the theme of the song, we can’t help but realize the astounding implications of the month. The exhilarating rhythm and soaring melodies of this electro-pop song craft an anthem of celebration. Even the lyrics are written in a way that amplifies the joyous bliss that is December. Synths rain from the sky like wisps of confetti against a sensational beat backdrop to create a thumping kaleidoscope. And the warm baritone vocals dispel an effervescent euphoria, that is reminiscent of all that is wonderful in this world.

With each soundscape, he bends conventional music rules and strait-jacket genres to showcase divergence magnificently. BŠĀR mines the edges of pop, jazz, R&B, new wave, hip-hop, and alt. rock. BŠĀR cultivates an ‘anything is possible’ approach to music: writing, arranging, and performing every track, with no genre off limits.

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