You might hear solid EDM from Germany, CAELA brings the majority of it. The indie scene is titillating with new talent every day, and local music will always reign. It is something everyone can connect with, and brilliantly captures the vibe of a place like a dreamcatcher. This is their latest single, Komm.

With a duality of sound, they bring to the table gripping vocals and building, organic electronic backgrounds. The sound is dependent on the kick of the sound and what it produces. A little over 3 minutes, it brings to the fore a kind of sound that can be heard with Zedd, Diplo and other international stage acts. The verse starts with a mellow, simple vibe that builds with a Jenga kind of creativity. The lyrics being in German, it beckons the night and creates a pumping, severely catchy track. The bass drops are so well engineered, it is possible your headphones pop off. To truly enjoy this single, please try and use a stereo surround speaker. The call is evident, this kind of track will make your night like the memory you go to make.

You might know CAELA from Tu Calor, their other single which has become increasingly popular. They are also featured on multiple Spotify playlists, under rising female stars and unsigned super artists. With a creative approach to their songwriting, they are culturally bound with a universal approach. There is a growing, blossoming energy in their music that cannot be recreated. Listen to their single here: