If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to be happy, Stay by Cansy is the song for you. Its eclectic blends and ardor blow through levels of potent energy.  Euphonizing the quality of exorbitant delight, the track drifts with the wind and flies with the kites.

The feel-good track is loaded with fresh sounds that are unfailingly electrifying. With leaping transitions, the artist packs the track with emotion and energy that fills you up. It feels as though you’re sprinting through euphoria as the synths coalesce into exhilarating patterns. The artist infuses the track with visual euphonies that do beautiful things to the mind. Cansy introduces streams of dopamine synths that vanquish dormancy with its visceral weaves.

The tempo is a lilting sky, endlessly blue, in the verses before being transformed by a beat climb into a sky frothing with zealous rain in the chorus. And, the timbre and soul of the vocals are incredibly exalting as they line the ravishing dreams made by the melodies. Everything about the song is meant to drive you to liberating highs and when you reach the pinnacle, you jump off into the roaring winds of unadulterated bliss.

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