CAVN views composing and songwriting as a medium for grasping and understanding life experiences. It’s the language that her soul speaks. It is vivid with intricate details and lofty with sensibilities. Her music is immersive and visceral with concept. Her debut release is ‘Pure & Grey’, a multi-instrumental masterpiece that spans through an ocean of feelings. It enjoys the collaboration of vocalist ‘Stefan Kelk’, his voice like a lone lighthouse, winking in between an ocean of sonic power. CAVN explores contemporary pop, swirling its soft neo-classicals with moments of cerebral electronica and trance melodic sequences.

iTunes Artwork for 'Pure & Grey (feat. Stefan Kelk) - Single (by CAVN)'

The composition leads so far into the surreal sphere that it is severe, almost to the point of austerity. Its purity quotient is infinite, so deep, and so lofty. Piano melodies are progressively extrapolated to abstract evocations. Kelk’s vocals merge into this fantastic reality as seamlessly and gracefully as contemporary dancers. And suspended in this dreary/ luminous space, you become absorbed by its mystique, melody, and magnificence. It is as if the track forms at the edge of the world. Listen Now!

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You can listen to ‘Pure & Grey’ by CAVN and Stefan Kelk here –