The spirit of EDM is liberating. CMK Beats spreads this freedom with his narrative sonics and vibrant style. The Lebanese electronic music composer, songwriter, and singer have a versatile scheme that draws from techno, Euro Dance, Trance, Deep-House, and even Hip-Hop. He excites hyperactivity of the mind and body with precise skill and beguiling details. CMK Beats has just dropped his new album, Life Stories in which he meanders through the process of living. 

The eleven-track album is a journey in and out of oneself, as it traps life experiences into its web of movement. And these emotion-driven tracks manifest their essence through varied styles. Each one, makes us move towards a story of the mind and body. 

The title track opens the album. Its mellow beats and pleasing rhythm design make for a hearty introduction. With a run time of a little over two minutes, the track has a pronounced acapella style. Clapping beats and vocal indentations dimensionalize the glassy synth scape nicely. Their roughness contrasts the smooth sonic flow, almost humanizing it to fit the theme of the album. 

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, and Apple Music! 

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