Coke Beats is an Italian multi-format DJ and music producer. He is known for his special brand of electric soundscapes and prolific sonic stimulants. For his latest single, Jet, Coke Beats collaborates with Jamaican Dancehall pop artist, Richie Loop and fellow sound producer and DJ, Pozitiva. And together they fathom a sensational atmosphere of electro pop that will have you grooving like never before. The energy is incomparable and the gusto is simply legendary. So prepare to have your mind and body be elevated with rhythm and groove infused power.

The track has incredible versatility, its flexible contours accommodating the distinct styles of each artist. Thematically bound, sprinting beat attacks and slicing basses launch the vibrancy to the next level. The spherical soundscape is energized by accumulating stratospheres of sound and vibration. It comes in waves, forming and growing before flushing your brain with color. Each climatic boom is set up way ahead of time and cultivated with sophisticated technique and emotion. Blending melodic techno and voracious house styles with EDM, drum and bass, pop, and trance, the artists present a precise curation of euphoria.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Jet by Coke Beats here –