Guest in Your Own Skin is the lead single from Combinator a.k.a  Sean Fairchild’s EP album Re//combinator. The album features four originals and three remixes that set us off on a dizzying journey with magnetic melodies and mercurial fusions.

Born abroad and raised in highly disparate locales such as Malaysia, France, China, Japan, and around the U.S., the Emmy-winning, multi-endorsed Fairchild developed an ear for the universally shared qualities of music that would propel him to charge through arbitrary ethnomusicological boundaries threatening to stand in the way of creativity. Settling in Seattle just in time for the city’s alternative heyday, the future sound combiner adopted the freeness of spirit and alt-rock ethos that would serve as the bedrock for his musical musings and explorations.

Unfurling with incredible drama, the futuristic track showcases flavors of neo-soul, prog metal, EDM, and industrial. Its mutating outfit journeys us through cascading soundscapes. Shifting bridges create unprecedented fusions that contribute to a trippy singularity of sound.

It launches us into fluid dreamscapes with schizophrenic dimensions that we dart in and out of. With the brilliant coalescence of synth-funks, electronica, and alien themes, this new-age track is cutting edge. Disarraying and disorienting, its schizophrenic fabric transports us to the age of neo-humanity.

It creates fanatical simulations that consume and devour. Walls of intense basslines slither through the song and amplify its hypnotic effect. Drilling into the fabric, the pressure of the tunneling bass is relieved momentarily by the sharp texture of the guitar. Getting lost in the technicolor folds of this enigmatic composition is like surfing the sunset.

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