Corrugated Tunnel is a conceptual electronica sphere that blends ambience with cerebral and psychedelic spheres to curate epiphanic sonic experiences. Their sonic horizon is boundless as they draws from modern electronica, neo-classicals, house, trance, and even dance music. Each track claims its own momentum, its own form, and its own destiny. It’s a great listening experience all around. Corrugated Tunnel has released a nine-track album, titled – ‘This is Our Last Dance’ Vol. I, in which they explores nuanced frames and themes. Listen Now!

Taken from this collection is Hold Back. The track is heavily laden with symmetry and a pulsing restraint; perhaps an extension of the theme. Flushed with ethereal harmonies and echoes, they dimensionalize these sonic flashes. Progressively, we see these symmetrical orbs are immersed in orchestral violins and warm cello tonalities. And then it picks up, dancing with texture and bursting with beats. It’s incredible to leap off into the momentum, while our head is still swirling in the slow swells of the intro.

The outfit debuted in 2007 and has since released five albums, each one composed with high emotive and cerebral quotients.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to Hold Back by Corrugated Tunnel here –