Daniel Popovich has released his brand new album, 1995. The album sports elements of electronic music, alternative rock and the intense chaos of neo-goth. The artist is highly experimental and innovative with mixing sounds.

SuperDry is the first song of the album. The artist animates the sounds of doing laundry like a coin dropping, the machine beeping and the whirring of the laundry machine with fun bass grooves and layered beat shuffles. As the song progresses, the artist adds an additional layer of synth melody and cymbal percussion. With SuperDry, the artist probes into the ennui of daily life and wrenches out the whimsy contained in it.

The second song, In The Night, featuring Amira, is slow, with floating melodies, sensual vocals and voice echos. Amira’s vocals elegantly stretches and spreads across the synth canvass of the song. With playful synths following the melody of Amira’s voice and slow beats paces, the song depicts the mysteries and excitement of the night. The final vocal harmonies towards the end of the song is just as enticing as the night’s call, flirting and beckoning the listener.

The animated sound show continues with HYENAS. With laughing hyenas bringing the song into being, the artist builds his musical blocks to complement the sinister energy of hyenas. The songs mixes overlapping sounds with the sound of cymbal steel and quick beats. Rolling with the chaos of a wrecking ball, the song’s effect plastered like posters across the mind. The song plateaus towards the middle with resounding synth overloads before it picks up pace again.

Fragmented electronic beats leads us into the next song , 3AM. The synth melody flows immutably to mimic the quality and pace of thoughts at 3AM. The artist transforms the song’s vibe with haunting synth reverberations that slithers, crawls and circles the skull. In the final segment of the song, the artist fuses the two synth tracks and weaves them into a harmony. With the two synth tracks colliding and eclipsing each other, the song ends in a beautiful arc of new melody.

I Gave Up is the fifth track of the album and features Ariana Calaeno. The deliberate discordant vocals introduces anarchy into the album. With only pounding beats for tempo, the vocals take charge and causes mayhem and disarray. Challenging the listener’s sense of harmony and melody, the song is raw and uninhibited. 2022 is the final song of the album. The song grovels with its slow, laboring beats and electric guitar melodies. With radio noises and flooring vibrations, the song slowly inches towards its end.

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