Deep Dive Species is an experimental electronica and post rock duo. Their tracks are conceptual spheres based in evoking surreal sentiments and enigmatic clarity. Composed of Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich, it was formed in 2021 with an aim to capture the unusual and inarticulate spaces that exist within our world. With propensities for absurdism, contemplation, and novelty, the duo have a very striking sonic appeal. Their latest release is ‘Adventus’. It is a concert of inquisitive riffs, driving bass lines, and ethereal melodies. Deep space sounds form the backdrop to the track, which instantly estranges us. Once piqued, the artists drift familiar and unfamiliar rhythms to help the listener explore the scene. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Adventus - Single (by Deep Dive Species)'

There’s a vivid cycle of adventure and stillness, one where our reality is challenged, and the other where we are compelled to think about it. In a world where everything can seem so numbingly omnipresent and inconsequential, it is easy to remain unaffected. Topics like environment degradation, climate crisis, wars, violence, inequality, and mental health. 

Deep Dive Species create an affecting contexts around cultures that we are familiar with and redefine them all over again. In ways that change the way you react and perceive them. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to ‘Adventus’ by Deep Dive Species here –