Dozenz’s interpretation of sound design and musical theory is visionary. The electronic music artist brings in styles like rock, pop, soul/R&B into the electric webs of synths to create beguiling expositions of sonics and emotion. With an expansive range, he is able to revamp and reset the mood with a heartfelt ballad or a pulsing electro-rock anthem. In his new release, Chasing Tigers, with singer-songwriter, J Fitz, Dozenz creates a reflective atmosphere to carry the soul vocals with grace and liberty. 

The vocal-driven track is high emotion, redolent of the romance of John Legend and Bruno Mars. Its strength and visceral delivery is beautifully complemented by the seamless sweeps of violin melodies and dots of synths. Progressively, the wrenching vocals take on dreamy sensibilities lifting into falsettos to let the electro-rock soliloquy take the spotlight. 

The artist’s musicality stems from his innovative propensity. As evident from his discography, he creates the perfect soundscape for the track’s theme, serving it up with exciting new musical flavors. He debuted in 2017 with his single, Need Nobody and has since released an elaborate portfolio of music that showcases tremendous reach. 

The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Chasing Tigers by Dozenz featuring J Fitz here –