Dr Dawsound is and independent Music Producer and Songwriter from Marseille, France who focuses primarily on the process of beat making and lyricism. His art tends to lean towards the genre of Pop with newer production styles that sound extremely vintage. The fourth track “In My House (Good Vibes)” from his debut album “Universal Love” is upbeat and inviting!

The track uses sounds effects quite liberally and introduces the lead vocals and percussion quite quickly. The lead vocals are performed by Gabriela Flores who takes on a unique vocal tone reminiscent of pre-2000s Pop music. The percussion remains standard and reliable throughout while the strings and ad libs that appear in the background enhance the antique-ness of it all. The track uses shortened voice clips as notes and rhythm-keeping percussion and even has the sounds of South-Asian wind instruments incorporated in it. I enjoyed the fact that Dr Dawsound has expanded his sonic palette to discover and incorporate new and different elements while retaining the vintage ambience.

Lyrically, like most dance tracks, “In My House (Good Vibes)” is an invitation to have fun together. It voices the lines “Come in house” in repetition and hopes that you lose yourself in the music. It reiterates music as a universal language that unites people and asks you to feel the beat and heat of one another.

A mix of older sounds and newer chill sounds, Dr Dawsound doesn’t take himself too seriously on “In My House (Good Vibes)” and reminds us that music and the process of producing it can be fun, indeed leaving us with good vibes.