Dronningen are a happy meet up that changed the path of two musicians. Their songs have a pop rock/electro rock sound that is unlike any with approach and sound. This is their latest track, Superstardom-and this is where they realize that they have arrived.

With the release of their EP Sugarbox in 2017, these guys knew how to shift gears with the temperature. Well received because of the sound and power they kick into all their tracks, they know the attack and the resulting whiplash. That’s how this new release feels as well. Superstardom doesn’t build, we start from the top of the waterfall. The rest is a roller coaster through the insane tempo that they prefer, and the audience links to as well. The sound is infectious and well composed, breaks and tonal changes allow the track to be perceived fresh all the time.

Bar the tempo and drove that the track has, there is an undeniable musical chemistry. The instrumentals and vocals are like the yin-yang of each other, there are no breaks and stops in this super-accelerated ride. We travel at breakneck speed, and they know the kind of story and narrative they are selling. We are excited about this kind of sound and the other creations it will birth. Till then, listen to Dronningen with their latest single here: