Duo Decad is a cross continental electronic indie band from Dublin and Chicago. They use the versatility of the electronica genre to segue into diverse styles and subcultures. And the result is an incredible and eclectic discography that rings with novelty and innovation. Duo Decad dropped their debut album, ‘the twelfth hour’ earlier this year (2023). Dripping with rich melancholy, the eight tracks dilate its many frames, faces, and shades. Taken from this collection is ‘Snow of ‘82’.

iTunes Artwork for 'The Twelfth Hour (by DUO DECAD)'

The track sets the scene with soft synth chimes, ethereal breezes, and electronic concept. And washed with Emmet’s idiosyncratic vocal timbre, it flows with powerful nostalgia. As we listen to it, the distinct spheres contained within become clear. Ambient electronic planes are juxtaposed with shoegaze textures for mellow transcendence. These soft electronic currents underlie the soul pop at the core. So as you listen to the emotion, the snow of 82 forms around you, and sets the scene.

Duo Decad was formed by Emmet McCaughey and joined by collaborator & co-writer Mark Casey. They debuted in 2021 with their single, ‘Statica’ which is also featured now as part of the twelfth hour album.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Snow of ‘82’ by Duo Decad here –