Jody Vukas, the owner of record label Drum Recordings and Big House Music entered the music industry in the 90s and has been actively producing House music ever since. The US based artist works with a variety of record labels and his latest single “Echoes” is a six-minute Ambient House track. He is self-admittedly inspired by the artists who were very crucial in establishing and taking forward House as genre such as Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia and David Penn and is an active performer in clubs and the night life scene.

“Echoes” starts off with and four by four electronic dance music beat with just snare drums and hi-hats making its allegiance to the genre of House very clear from the get go. Jody Vukas then layers this with deep bass drums that are groovy and synthesizer notes that echo out (no pun intended!). The bassline that runs deep is introduced along with the sampled vocals and both stand as crucial pillars for the track. While the vocals have a melody, what exactly is being said is incoherent which I thought added to the song a certain instinctual atmosphere.

Like the song’s title suggest, the track plays around with echo quite a bit with both the beats and vocals. The deepest ends of the drum machine have been used and while the track like most House music relies heavily on experimenting with layering sounds, the overall texture is relatively sparse. It gives space to pick up on different elements on each listen without making repetitive listening overwhelming, which is perfect for a club-like atmosphere.

If you are looking to add House music to your playlist or looking for electronic production that is intricate yet accessible, I suggest giving “Echoes” by Jody Vukas a ear!