It takes insight to see great potential in the most common places. Elleodin is a musician with the sharpest of eyes. She sees tall tales, worlds, and mysteries that she embarks to uncover with her music. Inspired by the work of Kate Bush, a pioneer in uniting melodic explorations with electro-pop grandeur. Elleodin’s soundscapes are marked always by an outworldly presence which is progressively revealed through distilling design and production. Her latest release is ‘Cadmus’; a very expressive piece with storytelling ambiences. And with vivid sonic details and energies, she achieves a lyric-free articulation that exceeds all expectations. Listen Now!

iTunes Artwork for 'Cadmus - Single (by Elleodin)'

The track opens with a darkness, broiling with danger and chaos. Its industrial frame is given context with beat-bolstered synths that showcases a will to change, to avenge perhaps or to resolve. It is almost like a montage that constantly inspires the mind to imagine Cadmus, the Greek Hero and slayer of monsters going on a quest. The electronic orchestra issues picturesque details that infuses story, emotion, thoughts, and contemplations. Deeper trenches open up, a bigger challenge shows up, but the warrior forges a path that is true to him and his sense of duty.

In many ways, this journey of Cadmus speaks to the artist’s own avant garde spirit, compelling her to stick to her unique craft and artistic orientations. It also lends its power and wisdom to the listener to stand tall and stick to their originality even when the monsters of convention and tradition say otherwise.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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