Elohyek darts between styles, matching diverse textures and sound pallets to engender an unprecedented canvas of music. It is the musical moniker of Charlestown-based singer-songwriter, Matt ‘Maku’ Hancock. His experimental expositions have a veritable stamp, emulating only the reflective trappings of his mind. Fusing the breezy charm of country serenity to the tumulus world of rock, he carved out a unique sound with a mellow temperament. Elohyek traverses the melancholic perspective of resignation in his new single, What’s The Use? 

Opening with bubbling folk beats and rough acoustics, the versatile soundscape unfolds with high rock sensibilities. The soaring riffs sparkle with power, a gigantic machination that lights us up with its electric sensibilities. The seamless compositional development of the song is a remarkable feat. It is constructed in a way that swallows us into its changing reality, without a loss of narrative. The unchanged timbre and tonality of the vocals gracefully carries us through the story told by the revolving frames of sonic. 

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You can listen to Elohyek ‘s brand new single, What’s the Use? here –