The Energy Whores project has grown a little more with this new single, Psycho Chemistry. Singer-songwriter, Carrie first started the project in a small closet of a New York City apartment and thank god she did! Because this track has become my easy fix for happiness and exhilaration!

An eclectic race of purple and blue streams of synths run through the soundscape like neon rain. It is sky high, an exalting chemistry that transforms the neurofibres. Vibing through us, the euphoric euphonies draw out our happiness. The composition is timeless. They harness the nostalgia of retro disco and intricately stitches it into contemporary dance styles. The beats leaps and bounds through disco ball synths and spin with synthetic harmonies. We also see a lavish use of futuristic implications in the form of post-modern electronic weaves.

The smoky vocals are like a mesmerizing mist scaling elegantly through transitions. With napalm synths erupting in small clouds of bliss, the track is as precious as lost treasures. Transfixing beams of current pierce through the trippy frames of synths while roaming basslines illuminate magnificent peaks of melodies, while the racing beats organize the psychedelia into beautiful cities with glamorous monuments.

The artist is also a gifted screenwriter, filmmaker, and producer. With a flair for anything they do, the multi-artist has several accolades up their sleeve.

Available on Spotify, YouTube Music, and Apple Music!

Listen to Psycho Chemistry by Energy Whores here –