Fellow is an electronic music artist and producer. Known for his youthful and contemporary spreads. His latest track is ‘All it Was’ in collaboration with fellow artist, Giorgi. It is an emotionally resonant and heartfelt track that delves into the complex fabrics of love and loss. The track chronicles the heartache that follows a broken romance, illustrating within it, the burden of memories and the good old times. Fellow’s storytelling ability transcends conventional habits. His is visceral, honest and vulnerable that anyone who has been through the experience will immediately recognise.

iTunes Artwork for 'All It Was (feat. Giorgi) - Single (by Fellow)'

In those moments of sincerity, his art presents itself. Giorgi’s expressive vocals seamlessly tie into Fellow’s sensitive melodic frames. Quivering with real time emotion and disappearing into falsettos, Giorgi casts a melancholic mist. The track’s blend of R&B with dream pop, hip-hop, and soul habits is absolutely riveting and reminiscent of artists like Drake, Khalid, and Kehlani. Listen Now!

Fellow debuted in 2021 with ‘In a Bathroom at a Party’ and has since released two tracks – Blur in 2021 and All it was in 2024 after a brief hiatus.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘All It Was’ by Fellow ft. Giorgi here –