FLEANGER is an Israeli electronic music artist and producer. The artist’s work is known for its dimensional plays and perspective-inducing ambiance. So deep is his passion to create three-dimensional tracks that his artistic moniker, Fleanger evolves out of a music production effect called, Flanger which infuses sound with many visual attributes. For his latest single, Fume, Fleanger collaborates with renowned electronic music collective, Cafe De Anatolia to manufacture a sonic plane that is cerebrally stimulating and emotionally absorbing. 

Like all of FLEANGER’s music, Fume is packed with high stimulants, tied into each loop and curve of the melancholic vocals. The whole soundscape is produced to spellbind the listener and keep them in that haze of surreality throughout. The multitude of textures and patterns are all reconciled into a cohesive sonic machination with intuitive design. That is to say, each leg of the soundscape is intricately wound into a community of melodies and rhythm to create a deep emotional resonance. Listen Now! 

The artist debuted in June 2018 with his single, Leave Me Alone, and has since released a litany of music that speaks to the deep canals of his mind and artistic imagination. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Fume by Fleanger and Cafe De Anatolia –