A producer and emerging independent electronic artist from the Bronx, New York, named Frank Zozky is creating ripples in the music scene. Almost five years ago, he posted his debut tunes to Soundcloud. Many tracks in a variety of genres, including house, electro-pop, synth wave, and hip-hop, have since been produced by this versatile and industrious producer. This artist’s unique approach toward music is what makes him stand out from the crowd. He bends genres creating his own sound that is distinctive and immersive at the same time. He has a discography that surely needs to be explored, do give this amazing artist’s discography a go if you enjoy listening to innovative music.

I recently came across one of his tracks which was so good that it got my feet moving on its own. The track features Strategy Dowie who has sprinkled stardust on the track. The track is a pop track that beautifully intertwines elements from dance music and reggae music. The way this producer weaved magic with his exquisite musicality is surely impressive.  The chorus is catchy and sticks to the head right off the bat. I have been singing this track ever since I came across it. This is a perfect track to play on a Friday night. The grooves that this track will induce will blow your mind away! There is a rap bit in between which is well-written and delivered to upkeep the whole vibe of the track. Do give it a spin, you will surely love it!

Catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Perfecto’ by Frank Zozky and Strategy Dowie down here-