For her new track, Judgment Day, Frannie B collaborates with UK-based songwriter, producer, and drummer, xskarma. The complementary styles of this duo fit seamlessly like pieces of a puzzle. The former’s mesmerizing vocals belong in the melancholic atmosphere cast by the latter. While the canvas is pretty minimalistic, we can’t say the same about the musical expression. With serendipitous lines of melodies connecting orbs of sound, the song is made up of sophisticated weaves, allowing the artists to harvest an astounding emotional complexity from such a tender soundscape.

And with every melody cycle, the artistic vision forms like a dream. Cascading rhythm patterns and euphonic leitmotifs draw us into a hypnotic reverie. The mist clears as we delve deeper and the shining revelation of self manifests. Wildly exhilarating, this vibrant euphonic enclosure is one of Frannie B’s best releases yet! The artist released her debut single, We Can Find A Way, in 2017 and has since released over 25 covers and singles, each a shining testament to her evolution as an artist and musician. Her chill and mellow style and compositions are swathed always in electric sonics that liberates us from stagnant perspectives.

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