French Caviar is a vivacious electronic music duo. Their musical sensibilities are incredibly vivid and are effortlessly transferred to sonic quotients for us to enjoy. The listening experience is not directly cerebral but shoots to the mind through bodily movement and leaping momentums. Bold choices, hungry rhythms, and deep soundscapes perfectly characterize their music. In their latest single, ‘Canto Del Pilon’, they take their musical audacity to the next level. So get ready to enjoy the symmetry and trance of it.

iTunes Artwork for 'Canto Del Pilon - Single (by French Caviar)'

The techno is progressive and imaginatively presented. It is underpinned with dynamic visuals and dance synths, folk beat accents and deep house resonance. It affects the listener on many levels. Lots of simultaneous experiences based on the patterns your mind fixates on. Looming in the soundscape is an exercise in hyperactivity. But you’re also plugged latently into a psychedelic static field, loaded with changing visuals and a whole lot of color. Listen Now!

French Caviar is French DJs, Hubert and Jean-Mi. Formed in 2022, they sought to revolutionize dance music in ways that would astound the body, mind, and spirit. This track immutably exemplifies their powerful vision, energy, and skill to execute.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

You can listen to ‘Canto Del Pilon’ by French Caviar here –