For her new single, Life Soaked Reveal, singer-songwriter, Genevieve Sovereign collaborates with Ben Tenison. The dance-driven beats, effervescent synths, and dreamy vocals manifest a soaring headspace.

The transformative quality of this song is contained in its bursting freshness. With mirthful cups of sound, the artists reveal the wonderful experience of mindful living. Its beguiling euphonies are a harmonious presence as they reconcile the contradictions in the mind. The composition is designed to consistently build levity, to be a machination that drives us to eureka. Carving out panoramic expanses within the soundscape, the artists leave radiating meadows for matchless rumination and introspection.

The artist makes music revolving around themes of wellness, self-growth, and spirituality. Her first formal musical release came in the form of EP, It’s yours. Its pensive style and contemplative instrumentation are domes of serenity and peace. Using stripped-down folk melodies and nature sounds, the artist builds a garden where you can stand still. And now, even as she explores her love for EDM, the artist erects monuments for the soul and self. Her affinity for visceral creativity and spiritual sensibilities is magnified by the flexible contours and wondrous textures of electronic music.

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