Gide is a melodic techno and house music project based in Finland. The artist has been adding to a comprehensive discography by consistently releasing music since 2021. Their music incorporates alternative electronic sounds, adding an ethereal touch to it and his latest single “Virtually” is proof of the same.

“Virtually” uses keys in the form of notes such that it forms a part of the percussion. The multiple layers of keys build into each other, with the high-pitched light keys creating a hypnotising effect. Initially the seven-minute track only uses hi-hats giving space and time to the listener before the bass kicks in strongly. At the midpoint, the track is left with only the percussion and ambient sound which serves as a thoughtful time-marker and a breather before the magical keys come back in with full force. In the last minute on the single, the bass percussion is stripped away leaving only the keys, claps and ambient sound where the keys are allowed to hit a groove that I found rather enjoyable.

Essentially the chord progression that forms the fundamentals of the track uses repetition as a device to make it more memorable. The sonic palette is quite dark and remains so throughout.  Gide flows from one kind of experimentation to the other rather seamlessly, with some parts being airy and others being more grounded with harder percussion. Parts of the track collaborate to bring the best of both elements together.

The cover art accurately represents the galactical spacey themes of the track with its heavy use of blues and purples. If you are looking to add a melodic techno track to your playlist, be sure to check out Gide and his discography!