Have you ever wondered what falling in love sounds like? As you burst with uncontainable excitations and emotions, do you hear the melodic hummings? In his new single, Electricity, Global Hypersynth musically crafts this exact feeling and immortalizes it with movement inducing dance music. The song showcases house music at its prime. Inspired by Disco and 80s music, the artist’s sound profiles and aesthetic is as unique and affecting as Daft Punk, Purple Disco Machine, and Chromeo among others. The artist claims to also draw from a host of old French House legends to create impactful and emotionally rich music. 

The vibe of the song is exactly what you would imagine it to be. This electro-pop song turns up the sonics to the frequencies of love. Filtered through neon screens, the synths put on a vibrant show with divine dance beats. The hyperactivity of the soundscape is complemented by the melodic smoothness in the vocals. Reminiscent of Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendez, the timbre of the vocals is well-suited for the romantic lyricism. Angled beautifully into shimmering streaks of synths, the passion in the vocals spills into the song in wonderful ways. 

The track is available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music!

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