Guersman is a music producer from Argentina, currently based in Barcelona who is a multi-instrumentalist and is known for his electronic music. This artist weaves magic into his productions embedding deep emotions that are full of life. I was thrilled to discover such an amazing artist who carries an everlasting vibe with his music. His innovative approach to music by infusing new elements into his product is surely remarkable. His unique sense of musicality is what makes him sound so distinctive and fresh. You will surely enjoy this artist if you’re into deep house techno. Do give this amazing artist a go!

I recently came across this artist through his debut EP which is named ‘Perceptions’ and is one of the best techno EPs I have come across in a while. The EP is packed with heavy basslines that will surely get you tripping. The way this artist carries his music to a whole new level is what got me hooked on him. I could deeply connect to each of his beats while it rhythmically pranced through the space. The EP is surely a masterpiece and worth the while. The EP is programmed to perfection.

The EP contains 4 tracks and each one of them will take you higher than the other. The elite production and composition skills of Guersman are clearly visible in each of the tracks!

The first track on the EP is named after the EP itself and is named ‘Perceptions’. This track is a really good one with some amazing musical elements, curated to hit just the right spot. The track starts off with a heavy kick loop which is linked to a bassline so heavy that you will jump off your seat. The bouncy kick and bass loop are followed by some beautiful vocals that are soothing yet impactful. The vocals ecstatically complement the music. The lyrics are touching and so is the music. having a wide range of elements packed in one track might sound like a hassle yet Guersman found a way to make it all sound like one single body.

The next track on the EP is named ‘Higher Sea’ and this is a perfect track to continue the rejuvenating vibe that the first track, ‘Perceptions’ created. This track is full of complex melodies that blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The upward curve of the track is something that will keep you charged up throughout the track and get you ready for the third track.

The third track on the list is ‘Recall’ which is an amazing track that will get your feet moving. This is a great buildup for the final track on the EP which is named is named ‘Nakechita’. This is my personal favorite from the EP. This track brings down the tempo a little yet creates the same heavy vibe as the others on the EP. This one is surely a must-listen!

Overall, the EP is a feast for anyone who enjoys heavy deep house and Techno music. Do give it a spin and you will not regret it! You can also catch a little glimpse of the EP here-