Hurricane Sam will be responsible for a lot of your party music. Just entering the scene, his strong debut is enough for you to know how powerful music can be. His latest single sweeps past you like the storm it is, and will fuel your late night parties. This is his latest, LEK.

From the quick beat to the vocals, this song screams a dance floor. The quirky guitar riff keeps the tempo rich, while the song structures something exciting. Hurricane Sam knows that there has to be a mantra to a song, and perhaps in this case it is something like a dance groove. It is a dance song, with a pop core-for you’ll be looking and flowing to the lyrics you hear. Layered and incredibly rich in texture, the background he uses seems to melt away all parts of the past and the present. A gift, to enjoy at the moment. 

You can already hear Hurricane Sam being featured in many playlists. His style is something we are just getting used to, so there are a lot of places where this can go around. You can find his music at a club nearby, and your late evening dance party. The London based musician is going to be responsible for recreating the vibe of the party scene a lot more, so listen to his single here and follow him for more: