Give a man a tank, he might fill it with some sound. Give the same tank to Illuminade, and he’ll make it overflow. This artist is at the forefront of Dark Electronic and Trip-Hop, a synthetically formed environment he specializes in creating. This is his latest single, Spoonflower.

It’s simple enough to deconstruct, not so simple to construct. Here he uses some echoing, resounding chords over which a playful synth lead plays. The pockets formed are vast and capable of storing dreams, provided you engage. It is the creative output of something that you’d have deep in meditation or thought. A sincere flow of completely stirring your cranium with a wand of solid LSD, is what this feels like. As the song loops and has some repetition enter, you go deeper into this induced sonic trance, which has a powerful atmosphere around it. The bass takes control of the back of your head, the synapse between the brain and spine acting like it is satiated. As the bassline defines the sound, it gets its moment in the spotlight.

The track Irish Lullaby from Illuminade is the most popular one. The ambiances created are something you’re going to have to prepare for. The sound is so well engineered, each layer can be peeled off to understand what kind of music this is. The tracks Harmonic and Space Cadet have also been popular, which you can check out on Spotify. Listen to his single here: