A paradisiacal electronic music showcase. That’s what you get from Change the System by Julien Noma. It has everything you would want from an EDM track. The musical movements within the track are meteoric, with cool tangents of mellow synths. And the beats burst with stories of their own.

There’s an overwhelming futuristic tangent weaving through the track. Its liberating tendrils dilute the edges of the mind to revamp our sense of reality. With each verse, the artist shifts the musical arrangements, each one carrying indivisible truth. And together, these pieces fit into an eternal puzzle that drifts forever.

The transitions are exponents of the Ethereum with refreshing clouds of synth showers. Fountains of beats have us exploding into euphoria. The artist has structured the grooves to build up to a hallowing release that humbles us. And if you pay close attention, you’ll see the track beams with a prophetic light. The tense basslines depict ground reality. Building on this, the artist spectacularly expands the track to reveal the magnificent potential of the world that we can harvest, if we ever get around to changing the system.

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