Kabelle has evolved from a solo act with a chance meeting to a project that releases beautiful, meaningful, synthwave soaked tracks. Their latest single is called Wonder, a breathtakingly catchy song with a soul and chorus that would bring a stadium together with flashlights on. Let’s see what makes this song so good.

The opening should be enough of an autograph mark. The synths roll in with their arpeggio that is a simple statement. Over this, a complex air of sound builds, before the vocals enter. The song revolves around creating a woven spiderweb for singer Katie Jones to do a ballet on. The sound is produced extremely well, the levels for the vocals and instrumentals are absolute, and with finesse. The song also has nice highlights from the synths, with guitars kicking up the feel with their rhythm addition. The solo is especially simple and elegant, almost announcing the vocals. To ensure the track doesn’t revolve around something that could become monotonous, the guitar flourishes and additions in harmony are a great touch.

Kabelle is a dream project, on paper. It is musicians that have found one another, and they have the privilege of making music together. The chemistry and output is obvious, it has a swing and joy because the group comes together with creative juices flowing. This track is a brilliant on, like Night Of the Dance and most importantly, Into the Light. Listen to the single here: