Born in Poland, Kejcz is an electronic music artist and film music composer. Impelled by the beguiling constructs of philosophy and cinema, the artist’s music is characterized by its performative sonics and sound design. His fascination for abstract ruminations and existential horror dictates his art to a large degree. In his latest release, Set Me Free, Kejcz collaborated with his fellow composers and producers, Basia Kolasa and Sequelchi to flesh out the emotional relationships between control and freedom. 

The track creates an atmosphere of black hypnotism. Combining deep bass grooves with ethereal synth screens, the soundscape is generously dimensionalized. And the angular synchrony of the dance beats conceptualize a prison, holding the vocal trappings that blossom with a sultry melancholia. Progressively, the artist uses sonic booms to unravel and unfetter the beat structures to effectively bring out the song’s theme. 

iTunes Artwork for 'Set Me Free (feat. Sequelachi & Basia Kolasa) - Single (by Kejcz)'

The artist was coached and guided by acclaimed film music composer, Henryk Kuzniak. He debuted in 2016 with his single, DR. Jekyll and has since released two singles including this one. 

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The track is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

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