KMALECTRO is the driving, ethereal, and hypnotic music banner of composer, lyricist, electronic music artist, producer and DJ, Kamal Habib. The artist’s discography is filled with conceptual work that is cerebrally inducing and bodily enchanting. He loves to formulate ideas using musical symmetries, visual sonics, and dramatic rhythms. And he is great at it. When you listen to his work, you’ll see that each arc builds up with power and emotion, dance and density.

iTunes Artwork for 'Panta Rhei - Single (by Kmalectro)'

His latest release is ‘Panta Rhei’, a techno drive with innovative house implants and EDM floors. He fleshes the staunch techno continuums with vivid synths, flashy melodies, and enchanting spaces. It’s as if you’re going on a journey, riding the techno high. But at each checkpoint, you’re treated to an eclectic horizon. A new reality infiltrates the horizon and transforms it. Sometimes, there’s a synth rain, other times a tropical ethos, and other times an outworldly shine. So come cruise through worlds of sensibilities with KMALECTRO now! 

The artist debuted in 2022 with ‘Point of ease’ and has since constructed a discography with magical imagery, incredible movement, and sublime consciousness.

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Panta Rhei by KMALECTRO here –