Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, Larvik is an emerging DJ/Producer Duo with a penchant for writing infectious music and anthemic melodies. Larvik has just released their newest single, Slippin’ Away which shows off the artists’ virtuosic skill and music mixing styles. Loaded with compulsive hooks and dance rhythms, the track explodes with irrepressible energy.

The ultimate dance-pop, the track flourishes with unbelievable energy flows and synth shows. With swirling textures, the synths expand the soundscape. Eclectic and ecstatic melodies light up like a thousand levitating lanterns. The joyful and exhilarating track makes your heart soar. The addictive dance beats unlock and liberate us into the depths of the synths. A delicious frenzy envelope us until we become un-containable.

The vocals blossom with innocent and optimistic passion. We see rivulets of rippling synths that are woven to make colorful garlands of feelings. Reminiscent of Zedd, the song is all about magical realism and manifests it through movement. Surrealism oozes like ambrosia and fans the breezy vocals.

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