Lorde Looted is an American rapper and hip-hop artist from Atlanta. His interpretation of the genre has a strong contemporary influence, as he combines dance, electronica and pop elements to his verses. His latest album, The Final Saga perfectly exemplifies his style. Across the eighteen tracks, the artist adopts heavy basses, trip-hop beats, house styled synth frames, and dance grooves as core song making accessories to his Khalid-like vocals. Taken from this collection is Fade Away, in which Lorde Looted effortlessly taps into a DJ beat frequency and R&B/Soul accents to deliver an idiosyncratic brand of hip-hop. Listen Now! 

The artist has an innate inclination towards experimentation as he fathoms uncommon sonic unities to bring diversity and freshness to an overrated playing field. Faded Away explores romantic melancholy. Its colorful synths and pulsing rhythm are weaved in with heartache and misery. Lorde’s charming baritones moon through the track with an unrequited sentiment. And the production of the song transforms the essence of the dance-driven tempo and vibrant synths to make them fit the subdued tone and emotion of the song. It is  fun, heartfelt, and thoroughly engaging. 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Fade Away from The Final Saga Album by Lorde Looted here –