Revisions of the Past by Lost Souls of Saturn featuring TokiMONSTA is a mind bending discourse on hope that can be harvested from the ashes of the past. Inspired by TOKiMONSTA’s battle with Moyamoya, the spoken words are pearls of wisdom floating out of the pockets of her experience.

The song brings out the linearity of time and casts memories as windows into the past. The past is dead and beyond the grasp of change. The lessons of the past are the only thing that can travel across the fabric of time. Like water, it will adjust to the form you grant it.

We’re only alive because we carry the capacity to evolve and flow with the tides of time. The artist reminds us to use the wisdom uncovered by the past and leverage it to transform your future. The only way you can revise the past is by using it to power your future.

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